Focused Productivity

Springmatic gives you total control without sacrificing flexibility. It allows you to create a wide array of solutions, everything from a simple locked display with limited access to a completely custom user interface.  With a few simple clicks, you can create a controlled user environment of only trusted applications, and you can do it on thousands of enrolled devices, simultaneously in real-time.  Its a modern kiosk solution with uncompromising access control and data security.

Simple display with Restricted apps

Need a simple, interactive display for more focussed functionality? Springmatic makes it fast and easy to lock down thousands of devices simultaneously, giving access to permissioned applications only.

Custom UX/UI in Minutes

The modern Kiosk builder breaks the rigid, limiting template system of legacy kiosk solutions to expose the underlying HTML, which gives you virtually unlimited options for layouts, text, and themes.

Easy setup

Settings, most notifications and unapproved applications are 100% blocked in Kiosk mode. Kiosk mode can also be instantiated through location-based logic, allowing a device's display and app permissions to change dynamically based on where it's located. This is very unique to the industry. Our drag and drop builder with modern UI makes it fast and easy to achieve that branded look and feel, while the HTML Kiosk feature offers virtually unlimited options for layouts, text, and themes.

Scalable Security

Springmatic's modern Kiosk mode is so much more than the home screen replacement so prevalent in today's legacy solutions. It digs deeper into the security stack to lock away backdoors, disable known hotkey workarounds and other common hacks to access device settings.

It offers an open, modern design that puts organizations in better control of their entire fleet of devices, for a secure, repeatable user experience that reduces the risks of misuse and security breaches. So whether it's a new UI for your fleet of PDAs or a customer facing order form, Kiosk mode offers a more secure world of opportunity for focussed interactions and more productive outcomes.