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Power mission critical IT and IoT device and app performance. 

Predictably deploy, manage and optimize line-of-business device fleets to reduce downtime, CapEx and OpEx with Springmatic, a unified MDM platform.

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Springmatic EdgeOps Platform

Enterprise-grade and AI ready, Springmatic controls IT and IoT device fleets in the most demanding environments, securing and updating policies, apps and firmware on ever-expanding networks of ‘devices at the edge‘ remotely, in real-time, at scale, without depending on a constant connection for always-on visibility, performance and compliance.

Unlock the potential of AI and the growing shift from MDM to Declarative Device Management (DDM) to provide faster, more reliable shared device support and updates.

Edge First

Edge-first architecture to unlock the full value of every Edge device.

Real Time

Real-time visibility and insights for an interactive Edge of Things.


Pursue markets and opportunities you never thought possible.


Reliably scale to thousands and even millions of devices.

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Take control of your enterprise edge

  • Springmatic offers a modern user experience with an intuitive interface and streamlined processes
  • Real-time intelligence gathering, for proactive decision-making and enhanced operational awareness
  • Seamlessly adjust to diverse business needs and evolving technological landscapes
  • On Device Logic: Device policies stay on the device, enforcing lock behavior and applications without constant connection to the backend.

Harness the Power to Manage
Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Provide, monitor and remotely control any device, create grouped policies, push apps and files to single devices or to your entire fleet at once. Springmatic lets you manage unlimited sub-fleets and allow admins to A/B test and CI/CD.

Springmatic works
Everywhere with Everything

Springmatic is your gateway to device harmony. Tailored for smartphones, rugged devices, terminals, kiosk tables, and werables, it’s the epitome of versatility. Precision control at your fingertips for a synchronized experience across every device in your network.

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Solve issues Together:
Team Remote Control

Debugging made easy! Remote control can be triggered remotely from the management platform. Multiple admins can login and view the device at the same time from different locations.

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Increase Security within
your Organization

Our Single Sign On (SSO) allows users to log in to Springmatic using a single set of credentials. This makes it much easier for the user and more secure for the business.


Seamlessly Scale

Springmatic is built for corporate owned, purpose-built, dedicated, line-of-business, and mission-critical device fleet use cases with unlimited number of shared devices being deployed.

Current MDM, EMM / UEM solution providers in the market need to be re-architected to scale. Doing so risks downtimes, expensive capital cost, and is fraught with complex management. With Springdel simply grow as you need.

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platform Agnostic

Springmatic supports corporate-owned devices on a wide array of operating systems including AOSP, GMS, Non-GMS and iOS.

Experience mission-critical reliability that ensures your device fleets are always in sync, irrespective of the operating system. Eliminate downtime and enhance productivity with our purpose-built solution.

Leaving Legacy Behind

Founded in 2018 by pioneers in Mobile Device Management, Springdel was formed to disrupt an industry built entirely on legacy technology--one that fails to meet today's expectations for responsiveness, reliability and functionality at scale.

Solutions focusing on BYOD vs. fully-managed corporate owned devices often prioritize general policies suitable for knowledge workers, overlooking the need for highly specialized configurations required by mission-critical devices in frontline operations.


On-premise design with VM SaaS architecture.

Latency and lag. Downtime for upgrades.

Built for 100 phones running Windows Mobile Os.

TCO increases with scale.

Edge-first design and architecture.

Modern, seamless experience in real time.

Built for millions of modern devices running AI.

TCO reduction with economies of scale.

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