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Move beyond legacy MDM and cloud with an enterprise-grade EdgeOps platform purpose-built for the interactive Edge of Things.

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Springmatic EdgeOps Platform

Designed specifically for the interactive Edge of Things. It delivers the scalable edge you want in real-time. Enterprise-grade and AI ready, leverage the full potential of every EoT device in your operational fleet.

Edge First

Edge-first architecture to unlock the full value of every Edge device.

Real Time

Real-time visibility and insights for an interactive Edge of Things.


Pursue markets and opportunities you never thought possible.


With Springmatic you can reliably scale to thousands and even millions of devices.

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Seamlessly Scale

Springmatic is built for modern use with unlimited number of devices being deplpoyed. Legacy solutions have to scale and re-architect. doing so is at the risk of downtimes, expensive capital cost, and fraught with complex management. With Springdel we simply grow as you need.

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platform Agnostic

Springmatic supports most devices on most operating systems including AOSP, GSM, Non-GSM and iOS

Leaving Legacy Behind

Founded in 2018 by pioneers in Mobile Device Management, Springdel was formed to disrupt an industry built entirely on legacy technology--one that fails to meet today's expectations for responsiveness, reliability and functionality at scale.


On-premise design with VM SaaS architecture.

Latency and lag. Downtime for upgrades.

Built for 100 phones running Windows Mobile Os.

TCO increases with scale.

Edge-first design and architecture.

Modern, seamless experience in real time.

Built for millions of modern devices running AI.

TCO reduction with economies of scale.

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