Springmatic EdgeOps

The Springmatic EdgeOps platform presents from a single viewport a set of tools and processes that deliver real-time interactive experiences at the network's edge. We call this the interactive Edge of Things. It gives you full visibility and ultimate control across the entire life cycle of each and every device operating on the Edge of Things. Interact with your apps, configurations, systems data and more in real-time.

Edge Development

Build, debug and deploy with the most advanced Edge development tools on the market. Fast and easy custom apps and solutions for continuous improvement and innovation.

Edge Operations

Tap into systems-level data for greater visibility into your Edge of Things. Gain deep insights into operations-critical data such as battery levels, network health, data usage and more.

Edge Telemetry

Enhance productivity and performance across the entire Edge of Things with zero-touch onboarding, advanced device profiles and multiparty remote control.

Mass Deployments

Chosen by 7-Eleven for its entire Edge of Zebra devices operating in over 2800 stores across the Philippines.

Custom Solutions

Selected Springmatic EdgeOps platform for a mass deployment of new Android handheld devices with custom apps designed to tighten security, enhance employee safety and productivity and to ensure compliance with strict customer SLA requirements for cash handling and logistics.

Advanced Features

Unilever Mexico uses Springmatic Edge of Things for lightning fast updates, secure systems-level kiosk mode and multiparty remote control for more efficient collaboration and maintenance.

Built For Performance

Real-Time Notification

Get real-time notifications and alerts on critical activity such as battery level and security alerts.

Fast App Management

Instant updates, zero downtime, and easy rollbacks. Manage Apps and manage permissions quickly and securely from a single pane of glass

Federated Edge Architecture

Cloud-native and designed for the edge with federated deep learning and autonomous ca

AOSP Non-GMS Support

Untethered from Google Mobility Services for unlimited options, full visibility and total control over data and things.

Secure System Level Kiosk

Prevent the misuse of devices through app restrictions and systems-level lockdown. The drag and drop kiosk builder makes it easy to generate a custom look and feel

Fast Staging

Easy automated enrollment. Pre-loading barcode scanning, side loading, NFC Zero Touch, and more. Your devices are staged and ready for deployment within seconds.

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