Take Control

Springmatic offers  powerful remote control capabilities for easing management and drastically reducing maintenance costs and time. How often do devices need to get sent back for maintenance when they simply need the cache cleared? Complex tasks, settings, and group debugging can be performed to remotely reach, hard to reach devices. IT admins and even a team of concurrent users can access the device remotely review and discuss issues instantly.

Remotely access and control mobile devices

With team remote control, you can remotely access and control your mobile devices from a central management platform, enabling you to collaborate with team members and provide real-time support to your mobile workforce.

Team Remote Control

An industry first! Team remote control delivers concurrent control sessions in real-time. Now multiple experts can collaborate on-device in real-time for more efficient solutioning and reduced downtime.

Product Features

Seamless Collaboration

Remotely access and control mobile devices

Unlimited Support options

Provide support and troubleshoot issues remotely

Deep Insights

Monitor and track device usage and user activity

Customized Access

Customized access and permissions for team members

Easier Maintenance

Reduced downtime and IT support costs

Springmatic puts your team in control

Flexible to meet any type of management behavior, the Springmatic platform can be tailored to each organization or business type needs. Contact us to learn more and speak to our support team on what we can do for you.

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