EdgeOps On Your Terms

Organizations can host and secure whatever web-based file share they want. It could be a WebDAV or even local S3 Object storage. For easier management of the applications and files, an HTTPS share exposed to the Internet allows Springmatic to offer version control and other metadata. For LAN only or 100% on-prem only environments, Springmatic can also support with LAN-only options. Organizations can even verify that nothing but the link to the application or file is stored. Devices connected to the network will download and install their files from the local system without ever passing through the Springmatic platform.


Enable cross-branch, regional, and even organizational management. Super admins can take control over multiple tenants, while other admins may have access to a single location only. Enable different test accounts or customers, while still retaining remote assistance and access on the platform.

Unlimited Ways to organize your fleets

Streamline enrollment, and easily manage exceptions in device behavior with an unlimited number of fleets and sub-fleets. Whether your organization needs a single fleet or multiple fleets, Springmatic can support you with an unlimited number of fleets and sub-fleets.

Hierarchal Fleets

Fleets in Springmatic are hierarchical in design, so device policies, feature control, application management, and other settings can be stacked between the fleets.  Streamline enrollment and easily manage exceptions in device behavior.

Springmatic puts your team in control

Flexible to meet any type of management behavior, the Springmatic platform can be tailored to each organization or business type needs. Contact us to learn more and speak to our support team on what we can do for you.