As Secure As You Want

Organizations can host and secure whatever web-based file share they want. It could be a WebDAV or even local S3 Object storage. For easier management of the applications and files, an HTTPS share exposed to the Internet allows Springmatic to offer version control and other metadata. For LAN only or 100% on-prem only environments, Springmatic can also support with LAN-only options. Organizations can even verify that nothing but the link to the application or file is stored. Devices connected to the network will download and install their files from the local system without ever passing through the Springmatic platform.

Go Faster

Cloud access enables CDN and multi-regional availability, but access is almost always across a broadband network. Very few offices have gigabit network to external sources, but gigabit networking is table steaks for on-prem deployments. Even faster networking speeds such as 10G, 40G, even 100G Ethernet is available.

Why is this important to Edge devices running 100 Mb wireless? Because higher bandwidth scales better. A locally hosted file server can have 1 Gb or 10 Gb and help make application and file setups and updates 10X to 100X faster than a 100 Mb broadband connection.

Choose Your Service

Springmatic can work with any HTTP/HTTPS file share. Roll S3 object storage on prem using tools like MinIO, TrueNAS, or even other cloud tools like Azure, AWS, GPC, or others. WebDAV, Nextcloud, or even a base web server with access to the application or file. Springmatic can work with any of those services, so use what you’re comfortable with.

Find out more

Learn more about the advantages of a hybrid cloud and how we enable organizations to easily take advantage of existing or new on-prem file share.