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Uncover fresh opportunities to drive revenue and increase loyalty by joining Springdel's ecosystem of value-added Edge partnerships.  It's a modern solution that drives operational value in unique and innovative ways. Contact us today to find your Edge.

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Supporting a growing Partner Ecosystem

The Strategic Choice for Leading Hardware Vendors

Springdel enables its hardware partners to offer best-in-class solutions that drive scalability, efficiency, security and a competitive edge. By collaborating closely with leading vendors, Springdel ensures that their hardware solutions seamlessly integrate and scale with cutting-edge technologies that meet the ever-evolving demands of the market.

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EoT For vendors






Endless Ways to drive operational value

Designed specifically for the interactive Edge of Things. It delivers the scalalable edge you want in real-time. Enterprise-grade and AI ready, leverage the full potential of every edge device operating on the interactive Edge of Things.

Any Device

Designed to work on all of your customers' devices. Springdel's got them covered, whether it's wearables or interactive displays or anything in between.

Any Platform

Springmatic is platform agnostic, so it won't hold you back. Offer AOSP, GMS, non-GMS and iOS functionality and unbound opportunities out of the box.

Tailored Solutions

Open a world of opportunities for tailored solutions. Pursue untapped markets and fresh opportunities you never dreamed of. Springmatic is your edge in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Open Standards

Liberate your Edge from fees and restrictions associated with licensing and certifications. Customers choose which devices to use, what updates to deploy and when to deploy them. It's their Edge, their way.

Stand out. Win Big.

Win new business with unique features that set you apart from the competition.

AOSP and non-GMS Support

Works with AOSP out of the box for unlimited options, full visibility and ultimate control over data and devices for a fully empowered Edge of Things.

remote control for teams

An industry first! Innovative multiparty remote control for teams. It delivers concurrent control sessions in real-time. Now multiple experts can collaborate on-device in real-time for more efficient solutioning and reduced downtime.

system-Level Secure kiosk

A modern UI makes it fast and easy for customers to achieve that branded look and feel. Systems level security extends beyond the browser to deliver unparalleled access control and data security.

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