Reinventing An Industry

We didn't want to just upgrade an industry -- we wanted to transform it. Our goal was simple: deliver to enterprise the full capabilities of every interactive device operating at the edge of operations . This means pushing the solution beyond legacy and cloud.

Customers wanted a seamless, edge-native experience that offered full visibility and ultimate control over their applications and data. They also wanted deep-learning insights, on-device collaboration, real-time environments and capabilities for AI and fleet autonomy. Where legacy was an anchor to their innovation, Springdel was to be their wings. Of course legacy tried to fix all their problems with clunky updates and brittle patches, but you can't put a speed train on wooden tracks, so it was always falling off the rails.

Leaving Legacy Behind

A few of us were growing a global leader in the device management (MDM/UEM) space, but we grew increasingly frustrated with the limitations imposed on us by old ideas and legacy technology.

The whole MDM industry was founded at a time of Blockbuster and Myspace, and solutions were designed to manage 100 devices that pale in comparison to what today's devices can do. Google and Netflix were changing customer expectations for what a digital experience looks like, and we simply couldn't keep pace. So with MDM at an inflection point, we left to fix what was broken.

Empowering EoT

Legacy MDM is crumbling under the weight of its own obsolescence. We are accelerating into a new era in edge computing and device capability, and we are proud to offer up to our enterprise customers a world of insights and opportunities by unleashing the full potential of the interactive Edge of Things."Calvin Chung, Springdel Co-Founder and CEO.

What Makes Us Different

Springmatic by Springdel is the world's only enterprise-grade EdgeOps platform purpose-built for the interactive Edge of Things. We are singularly focussed on delivering to our leading enterprise customers the full potential of an intelligent and autonomous Edge of Things.

Full Visibility

Full visibility into all data, devices, platforms and markets. Your everything everywhere edge under a single unified view.

Total Control

Total control over your data and applications, both in motion and at rest. You choose what applications to build and who controls your data.

Unlimited Options

Built on open standards for data sovereignty and unlimited flexibility. Pursue markets and ideas you never thought possible.

Seamless Experience

Familiar interface and intuitive controls, with automatic and instantaneous updates for a seamless experience that's always on.

Customer Love

We listen carefully and deliver quickly. We use a modern tech stack and can seamlessly deliver in weeks what takes our legacy competitors months.

Deep Insights

Springmatic enables deep learning on level systems data, giving you full visibility into the state of your entire fleet in real time.

Modern Architecture

Springmatic incorporates modern design components such as containers and microservices for a modern, real-time Edge of Things that's AI-ready and always on.

Forward Thinking

Move beyond the buttons and dials method of managing devices. Realize the full potential of deep learning and real-time adaptability at scale.

Lower TCO

System stability, zero down time for updates, faster deployment, and a modern, more capable tech stack means you get way more for way less.

Born From Experience.
Built By Experts.

Founded in 2018 by pioneers in Mobile Device Management, Springdel was formed to disrupt an industry built entirely on legacy technology--one that fails to meet today's expectations for responsiveness, reliability and functionality at scale.


Co-Founder & CEO

Former Global Head of Engineering at a leading MDM provider.


Co-Founder & CEO

Former Global Head Architect at a leading MDM provider.



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This is your edge in deep-level intelligence and real-time interaction at scale. This is your edge on the competition.Welcome to the Edge of Things by Springmatic. This is your Edge.

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