The Services you trust At the scale you need

Brought to you by Google, Android Enterprise presents a familiar experience for the whole enterprise, with the services they love, backed by a name you trust.

Improve Security

Protect your data with multi-layered security and granular permission control.


Manage tens of thousands of devices under a single viewport in real time.

Enhance Productivity

Get more done faster by restricting access to only the applications and services they need.


With Springmatic you can reliably scale to thousands and even millions of devices without adding headcount.

manage your mobile fleet On your terms.

Android gives your business tons of flexibility to manage mobile devices. Set oversight levels from locked down to limited. Distribute apps through managed Google Play—including your company’s private apps. With deployment options that work for you.

End-to-end protection

Security for Android Enterprise is hardened with layers, from the operating system all the way up to Google Play Protect. Each layer works together to help prevent leaks and phishing, block malware and protect data, keeping your business one step ahead of threats.

Get more done

Unlimited profiles and secure kiosk mode functionality enables focused productivity for each and every device, regardless of use case or task. Employees gain access to only the applications and services they need without distraction or unneces.

fast, Easy and worry-free Enrollments.

With fast and easy enrollments, IT teams can instantly deploy any combination of fleets and sub-fleets of  devices, securely out of the box. With zero employee intervention required, the apps and policies they rely on are up and ready to go.

Android means business

Whether it's tablets for retail productivity or scanners to keep the supply chain moving, there's an Android device for every use case, and Android Enterprise can help you get the most from each and every one.

Discover Your Operational Edge