Edge-First Development & Operations

Edge-first design delivers flexibility to developers. App versioning is completely controlled within the system, allowing for A/B testing across different fleets. The private app store allows developers and admins total control over the solution.

Control over app upgrades and downgrades, and the ability to push debug applications to devices upgrades / downgrades. More responsive analytics and device updates are available thanks to on device management.

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Edge-First Control

Edge-first means device policies are hosted on the device itself. Check-in happens at regular intervals, while updates can be made any time. In doing so, the platform allows for a more reliable way to control devices that doesn't depend on a constant connection.

Unconnected devices are capable of enforcing the same policies - such as blocking the camera, bluetooth, or USB - that are dictated by admins. Teams can rest assured that even if device network connectivity drops for a minute, an hour, or longer, the device will be just as secure, compliant and performant were it connected.

Edge-First Responsiveness

The Springmatic EdgeOps platform offers the ability for devices to change policies based on their location.All of the management and logic is performed device-side, so it works with or without a connection.

Organizations worried about sensitive information or access being taken due to theft, can apply a lockdown policy if the device is moved outside of a defined area.

That’s the power of Edge-first design.

Edge-First Performance

Live, untethered and ready for AI, Springmatic allows you to push and run custom algorithms in locally hosted apps, so no need for Google Play store. Host and manage applications in a private app store or even a local repository for better privacy and security. Intelligent device data learns battery and system health for optimal performance from your entire fleet.

This is Next-Gen MDM.