Unlock the full value of all your Edge devices with an enterprise-grade SaaS platform purpose-built for the interactive Edge of Things. Gain deep insights on rich systems-level data. On-device collaboration for efficient troubleshooting. Federated architecture and a modern stack for and real-time adaptability at scale. Springmatic pushes operational business value to the Edge.

Built for Data

Built edge-first for real-time visibility into a big data and AI-enabled Edge of Things. Modern stack components deliver visibility into a deeper set of systems-level data for better insights, reduced operational downtime and maximum ROI.

Springmatic Dashboard overview


Federated architecture pushes data processing and storage beyond the cloud. It performs right at the spot of value creation through real-time responsiveness, enhanced security, increased reliability and scalable data compliance--all from a learning, adapting Edge of Things.

Deep Insights

Cost savings and productivity gains from actionable insights on rich systems-level data. Drive value in unique ways by uncovering hidden opportunities across your entire Edge of Things.

AI Ready

Go beyond the legacy method of buttons and dials. Springmatic enables a future of autonomy and deep learning at the interactive Edge of Things. So dream big and get creative. Springmatic is ready when you are.

Real-Time Response

Zero latency, live visibility and real-time response for a modern EoT. Boost productivity and performance with an enterprise-grade, AI ready EdgeOps platform that's built for operational autonomy at the interactive Edge of Things.

Team Remote Control

An industry first! Multiparty remote control delivers concurrent control sessions in real-time. Now multiple experts can collaborate on-device in real-time for more efficient solutioning and reduced downtime.

Live Edge Fencing

The most accurate and adaptable geofencing on the market. Go beyond static circles with dynamic, fine-tuned perimeter edge fencing. Springmatic's real-time solution lets you execute policies at the edge without added latency or central server dependencies.

Real-time responsiveness

Springmatic breaks free from the remote limitations of cloud to deliver real-time responsiveness and adaptability across your entire Edge of Things.  Purpose-built for live applications that require high reliability and near-zero latency for a real-time interactive experience that's always up.

Real-time visibility

Gain visibility into your entire Edge of Things with live location coordinates, connectivity status, power levels and more. Systems-level data access allows you to automatically recognise and fix problems before they happen for reduced downtime and a more performant Edge of Things.

Enterprise Scale

Springmatic's federated architecture and edge-first design enables dependable infrastructure that grows at the pace of business. It scales to millions of devices, so it won't hold you back. With easy enrollment, lightning fast staging, an intuitive interface and granular profiling, growing your Edge of Things has never been faster or easier.

Easy Onboarding

Save time and reduce human error with zero-touch enrollments and worry-free staging. Deploy policies, configurations, security restrictions and more on a single edge device or your entire Edge of Things.

Granular Profiling

Springdel's advanced profiling delivers endless possibilities that are powerful yet easy to use. Advanced user profiles deliver granular control to individual edge devices or coordinated edge clusters. Prioritize profiles, split payloads and build complex business processes directly into the solution to drive value in ways you never dreamed possible.

Intuitive Dashboard

Springmatic puts the user top of mind with familiar layouts and a modern design. It presents an intuitively familiar look and feel that gets you up fast, without all the training.

AI Ready

Go beyond the legacy method of buttons and dials. Springmatic enables a future of autonomy and deep learning at the interactive Edge of Things. So dream big and get creative. Springmatic is ready when you are.


Built on open standards for data sovereignty and unlimited flexibility, allowing you to pursue markets and opportunities you never thought possible.

Your edge. your Way.

Open AOSP framework liberates you from fees and restrictions associated with licensing and certification, so you choose which devices to use, what updates to deploy and when to deploy them. Auditable and untethered from Google Mobility Services for unlimited options, full visibility and total control over Edge data and devices. Your Edge. Your way.

Fully Customizable

Future proof your with a modern EdgeOps solution designed to accommodate changes and spur innovation. Build solutions in weeks, not months. Springmatic works on all Android devices, platforms and markets, which makes custom solutioning and innovation a snap.


Built on open standards for out-of-the-box interoperability that just works.  Works on all Android devices and platforms including printers, scanners, rugged handhelds, wearables, smart displays and other AOSP, GSM and non-GSM devices. Springmatic delivers an Edge of Things solution that fits you.

Ultimate control

Untethered from Google and other third-party services, Springmatic gives you ultimate ownership and control over your data and applications. Upgrade and downgrade to the exact approved version of the application your business demands. Device-level control over data security and compliance, makes it easier to navigate and manage shifting data laws. Springmatic lets you choose what to build, when to update and where your data is stored.

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