Multi-Tenancy Manage how you want

Springmatic supports many ways to break down and micro-manage multiple fleets of devices or even cross organization / branch management. From hierarchical fleet structure, to multi-tenancy, Springmatic can be custom tailored to meet your organization's management structure.


Multi-tenancy allows for organizations to breakdown control of the platform and admins into different groups and organizational blocks. This advantage enables for cross branch, region, and even organization management. Super admins can be in charge of multiple tenants, while other admins perhaps have only access to a single location. Another use case could be for managed service providers to enable different test or customers, while still retaining remote assistance and access on the platform.

Hierarchical Fleets

Fleets in Springmatic are Hierarchical in design, meaning that device policies, feature control, application management, and other settings can be stacked between the fleets.  This structure allows for users to streamline enrollment, and easily manage exceptions in device behavior.

Say a branch office’s devices need to install all the standard management applications, barcode apps, etc. on their fleets. However, networking at the location has a different SSID and password compared to other locations. A subfleet can be created within the primary fleet specifically for this location ensuring that applications and policies remain intact while new network settings get pushed to the devices. Another scenario might be driven by use case. The location has POS and handheld devices requiring different applications. Again, the subfleet concept ensures the main organization-level or office-level settings are applied to all devices, while the differences can be broken out.

Whether your organization needs a single fleet or multiple fleets, Springmatic can support with an unlimited number of fleets and subfleets.

Springmatic puts your team in control

Flexible to meet any type of management behavior, the Springmatic platform can be tailored to each organization or business type needs. Contact us to learn more and speak to our support team on what we can do for you.